HR.360 plugin for JIRA®
HR.360 plugin for JIRA® is used by HR departments to provide 360-degree feedback in the simplest way.
It allows you to plan, create and track all surveys for all of your company JIRA® user`s. And yes - you don't need to have a deep understanding of JIRA® for employee evaluations with HR.360 plugin for JIRA®.
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How it works
Create survey
At competence management - you can manage the categories, create competences and indicators.
Invite participants
Use the mail templates to invite respondents. System send it automatically when you create a survey.
Get reports
As HR Manager you could track the process of all surveys and only you can get the reports.
Screens (competencies, survey, reports, analytics)
Create categories, competencies, indicators
The Competence Manager is a constructor that allows you to create a personal set of categories, competencies, indicators, answers and their weight.
New survey
You can easily create a new survey: write survey name; choose the survey end date; choose competencies; add participants; save
Participants in the survey
In "All survey" section you can view fields "respondent" and "whom(who was tested)" for every survey.
Report designer
Easily create reports in a convenient format: Bar or Horizontal Bar or Radar.
Save report to pdf file
Report designer is presented as a page with the ability to save report in pdf or png format.
Export report to XLSX
Click the arrow in the "All survey" section and download the report in * .xlsx format.
We suggest you see how to create reports
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