HR.360 plugin for Jira®

HR-plugin for Jira Software and Jira Service Management (Service Desk) gives your the powerful tools for creating 360-degree feedback surveys in the simplest way!
Get access to the HR.360 plugin for Jira® system and perform a comparative analysis of employee efficiency!
Professional HR-plugin for Jira® to generate 360-degree feedback — create survey in a clear, fast and simple way.
Full automation
All you need to do is run the staff evaluation, the rest is done by the system.
Easy survey
Questionnaire is quick and easy - as a rule, the questionnaire is filled in within 5-7 minutes.
Clear interface
You will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can set up and manage the entire personnel assessment process.
Customizable content
Use built-in competencies or create your own survey model by adding your own categories and items.
Flexibility and control
The ability to manage competencies to meet the specific needs of each individual company.
Complete control
Remotely monitor progress, sending reminders to employees who have not passed testing.
Professional reports
Visible tables and histograms, as well as customizable report content - it is up to you to decide what to include in the report and to whom to send it.
Customizable reports
It is up to you to decide which employee or group of employees will receive the report. Separate reports are set up for managers, department heads or managers.
Tables and bar charts
Only useful and structured information, no complex matrices.
How it works
Create survey
At competence management - you can manage the categories, create competences and indicators.
Invite participants
Use the mail templates to invite respondents. System send it automatically when you create a survey.
Get reports
As HR Manager you could track the process of all surveys and only you can get the reports.
Competencies, Survey, Reports, Analytics! Check out ready-made competencies, survey examples and professional reports on employees.
How to create categories, competences, indicators (questions)
The Competence Manager is a constructor that allows you to create a personal set of categories, competencies, indicators, answers and their weight.
New survey
You can easily create a new survey: write survey name; choose the survey end date; choose competencies; add participants; save
Survey participants
In the "All survey" section, you can view the "respondents" and "who was polled" fields.
Report designer
Easily create reports in a convenient format: Bar or Horizontal Bar or Radar.
Save report to pdf file
Report designer is presented as a page with the ability to save report in pdf or png format.
Export report to XLSX
Click the arrow in the "All survey" section and download the report in * .xlsx format.
Global plugin configuration
Jira administrator has the ability to select HR managers (users who can create surveys and assign them), as well as determine the settings of automatically created tasks in the project.
HR managers settings
HR managers can set their own settings for passing tests (delay between tests, comments, task creation).
Tasks and Mail Settings
Change the email notification templates and tasks to be created in Jira: add the necessary information, change the appearance of messages
Choose the type of report (personal, comparative, group), color scheme and visualize the reports in the form of columnar histograms or radar for PDF format.
Server products are hosted on your servers. HR.360 plugin for Jira is sold as a perpetual license, and the purchase price includes 12 months of maintenance (support and version updates).
10 users
(perpetual license)
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25 users
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50 users
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100 users
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250 users
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500 users
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