HR.360° plugin for Atlassian Jira® Server

The HR.360 plugin for Jira is a tool for testing employees of the company in accordance with the principle of 360-degree evaluation.

The plugin meets the requirements:
- conducting of employees testing on the principle of 90-,180-,270-, 360 degrees;
- creation of competencies, indicators, survey;
- report generation via Report Designer on the basis of the survey;
- saving results of tests in pdf or png formats;
- saving reports in xlsx format.

The administrator must add to the "HR360" group those who will be able to create competences and survey.

1.User Guide
  1. Log into your Jira instance as an administrator.
  2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Atlassian Marketplace.
    The Manage add-ons screen loads.
  3. Click Find new apps or Find new add-ons from the left-hand side of the page.
  4. Locate HR.360 plugin for Jira via search.
    The appropriate app version appears in the search results.
  5. Click Try free to begin a new trial or Buy now to purchase a license for HR.360 plugin for Jira.
    You're prompted to log into MyAtlassian. "HR.360 plugin for Jira" begins to download.
  6. Enter your information and click Generate license when redirected to MyAtlassian.
  7. Click Apply license.
    If you're using an older version of UPM, you can copy and paste the license into your Jira instance.

2.Getting started

HR.360 plugin for Jira
Before starting to work You should add at least one HR-manager at Global settings page to create survey and manage competences.

1. Conduct a competence assessment of the employee by studying the opinions of subordinates, colleagues and senior management

2. Assess the self assessment adequacy of an employee by comparing his self-esteem with the evaluation of other members of the team

3. Conduct a comparative analysis of the company's employees effectiveness, identify the most promising and successful

4. Identify the "problem areas" and development zones for individual employee and the company as a whole

5. Make a development plan for each employee

2.1 How to start
2.2. Competence management
The Competence Manager is a constructor who allows you to create a personal set of categories, competencies, indicators, answers and their weight.

Each category consists of competences.

Create new competence
In a few minutes a simple constructor will help you to create competence and indicators.

Competence name

Enter the number of answers
The number of possible answers varies from 2 to 25.
For each variant of the answer you need to assign a weight (numeric value). This weight is required to generate a report.

Add indicator
The number of indicators is not limited.

Each category/competence has a set of tools:
- edit
- export
- remove


Attention: be careful when importing data into a new category. Before copying, replace the name of this category to a new one throughout the code (for example , the name of the category "Skills, communication") should be replaced with a new one, for example "Skills". Otherwise, you duplicate competences within the same category.

Copy and close
After clicking the button "Close", the copied code remains in the clipboard.


The import/export tool can save time before starting a new project.

To import competencies from an existing category into a new category, you need to:

1) Copy the code from the selected category, using the "Export category" -> Copy -> Close

2) Click the button "Import", paste the code (do not forget to change the name of the category)

3) Click "Import"

After correctly performing the described steps, you will add a category "Skills", which will contain the same competencies as "Skills, communication".



Attention: After deleting the category/competence, it is impossible to restore it.

2.3 Create "New survey"
    You can easily create a new survey:
    1) enter the name of the survey, e.g. "Team "WB"

    2) choose the survey end date, e.g. 2019-02-28

    3) choose competencies, e.g. all competencies from category "Skills, communication"

    4) choose between required and not required comments

    5) choose participants from the JIRA user database: respondents and those, who will be tested, and click button "Add"


    Specify the name of the survey.


    This field indicates the date before which respondents should complete the survey.
    After this date the survey will not be available.


    You can choose several competences or choose a category with all the competencies.


    In order to select respondents, click "Choose respondents" icon and select users from the JIRA database, press the "Select" button. Click the button "Add".

    In order to select those who will be tested, you must click on the "Choose who will be tested" icon and select users from the JIRA database, press the "Select" button. Click the button "Add".

    Press the "Save" button. Automatically all the participants will receive an email invitation to take the survey.

    2.4 "All surveys" section
    In the "All surveys" section you can:
    • view "respondent" and "who was tested" fields for every survey (click dropdown menu)
    • export results of survey to excel file
    • edit the name of the survey
    • see the progress in completing the survey
    • edit survey (add participants, change "due date", add competencies)
    • add comments to surveys
    • copy/delete survey

    At any moment of the survey, you can see the percentage of its completion.
    Thus, you will be able to have information about those respondents who have not yet completed the survey.


    By clicking on the arrow in "All survey" section, you can upload the report in *.xlsx format.


    You can edit the survey at any stage - add new participants, competencies, due date.
    After the changes, save it - a letter with an invitation to pass this survey will be sent automatically to all the respondents.


    You can add a comment to each survey. This comment will be saved in the system, but it will not be included to the saved reports (xlsx, pdf, png).


    You can copy an existing survey by clicking "Copy" - then change "due date", "respondents", "competence" and save. Respondents will receive an invitation to pass this survey automatically.


    Any survey can be deleted.

    3. Account
    Respondent receives an invitation to pass survey by e-mail with a link to his account in Jira.


    In the "Account" section, you will see the surveys that have not been passed yet.

    4. Survey
    HR manager creates a new survey. Every respondent receives a letter with information about survey.
    Respondent can see all the surveys in their accounts:
    1. Name of the survey.

    2. Who must be tested.

    3. The end date of survey.
    Choose one of those who must be tested and start survey:
    1. Who will be tested

    2. Name of the competence

    3. Progress

    4. Indicator

    5. Indicator

    6. You can save survey and finish it later

    7. Complete the survey if you answered to all the competencies

    5. Reports
    You can choose the type of report (personal, comparative, group), color scheme and visualize the reports in the form of columnar histograms or radar.

    Report designer is presented as a pdf page, with the ability to add/delete few pages.

    It is possible to upload the report in xlsx format through the "All survey" section.

    Also, reports are saved in the electronic view in section "Report".

    5.1 The types of reports
    5.2 Create xlsx report
    In the "All survey" section you can download the report in xlsx format.


    You can download xlsx report from "All survey" section.

    Report contains 3 sheets with fields:
    1) Full name of those who were tested

    2) Competences

    3) General average point

    t means that you try to save an "empty" survey.

    5.3 Create pdf report
    The diagram is constructed as a percentage, i.e. the maximum "answer weight" is taken as 100%, and the minimum - 0%.

    The pdf report displays the following information:
    1) Report type

    2) Participants (who were tested)

    3) Period

    4) Bar/radar


    You can create an unlimited number of pdf pages by clicking on the "Add page" button.


    On each page, you can create two report designers or one report designer and a text comment
    Select report type

    You can select the report type:

    1. Personal

    2. Comparative

    3. Group

    Select an employee

    To select an employee, use the convenient drop-down list with all JIRA users.


    Select a survey period.

    Select survey

    You can choose one survey from the offered variants.

    Only matching competence

    This is a feature that allows you to select "matching" competences for the chosen employees.

    Select Competence

    Choose competencies to create a report.

    5.4 Create png report
    To save the report in the png format - click "Download chart".
    Example of png report:

    Tilda Publishing
    horizontal bar
    Example: Bar. Personal report
    Example: Horizontal Bar. Personal report

    Radar can be built only with 3 or more competencies. The number of radar beams depends on the number of competencies.

    It is possible to turn off the display value for:
    • for personal report: Self-concept, Colleagues or Average.
    • for comparative report: participants
    • for group report: Self-concept , Colleagues or Average.
    You can change the color scheme for displaying data on the radar by pressing on "Color change":

    Example: the value of "Average" and "Colleagues" is turned off

    Example: comparative report

    Example: group report

    5.5 Enter text notes
    You can create a report and add a text field with comments. These comments will be saved together with the diagram in pdf.

    To add a text box: click on the "Select report type" button and select "Text notes".

    Note: you can enter a limited amount of text.

    6. Global and HR settings
      The administrator must add the HR professionals who will be able to create competences and survey.

        6.1 Global settings

          HR manager has access to the settings of the email template and to the inclusion/deactivation of the time delay between the answers and questions (2 seconds).

          6.2 HR settings
          You have the opportunity to customize your email template to fit your corporate standards.

          Keys to generate template:

          {{user}} - User who receives a notification

          {{dueDate}} - Survey due date

          {{surveyName}} - Survey name

          {{url}} - Link to account

          Mail template

          You will find the information here:
          the name of the company that bought the license, the serial number of the license, the maximum number of users.

          7. About

          8. FAQ
          8.1 Support